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Delivery and returns

  1. Sales contract – Order of products

The information contained in these Terms and the details contained on this website are not a sales proposal but a call for information. We will not be deemed to have concluded a contract between you and us in relation to any products except when your order has been expressly accepted by us. If we do not accept your order and the money has already been deducted from your account, then they will be refunded in full. To place an order, you will be asked to follow the purchase process and press the “CONFIRM ORDER” button. You will then receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt of your order. Receiving the email confirms the completion of the order and its processing by us.

  1. Availability of Products

The products offered through this website are available in Greece and abroad. All orders for products are subject to availability. In this respect, in case of difficulties in supplying or exhaustion of the products in stock, we reserve the right to inform you.

  1. Order Rejection

We do not take any responsibility towards you or any third party to withdraw any products from this site and to remove or process any matter or content of the site or to refuse to process or accept an order after we have sent you the Confirmation Ordering.

  1. Delivery

Subject to the provisions of clause 2 above regarding the availability of the products and subject to exceptional circumstances, we will do our best to complete your order for the products listed in the Order Confirmation the delivery date specified in the Order Confirmation or, if a delivery date has not been specified, within the estimated time shown when selecting a payment method in any event within at the latest 30 days from the date of the Order Confirmation.

The delivery of the products takes place through our co-operating carrier and their shipping time is between one and three (1-3) working days from the next day of Order Confirmation. Deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays are arranged on request with the carrier at an additional cost. However, delays may occur in Cases such as, depending on the delivery area or in unforeseen circumstances. If for any reason we fail to meet the delivery date, we will let you know and we will offer you the option of either continuing to purchase by setting a new delivery date or cancelling the order with a full non-refundable refund. For the purposes of these Terms, “delivery” will be deemed to have taken place or the order will be deemed to have been delivered when you or a third person at your command, other than the carrier, has acquired the physical possession or control of the products which will be evidenced by the signature of the receipt of the order at the agreed delivery address.

  1. Risk Shifting and Ownership of Products

Product liability is transferred to you once you or a third party acting on your behalf, other than the carrier, has acquired the physical possession or control of the products. Ownership of the products is in your hands either with the full collection on our part of all amounts due in respect of the products, including shipping costs or delivery (as defined in condition 4 if later the collection).In case of loss of your order by the carrier our company does not bear any responsibility.

  1. Price and Payment

The price of each product will be the one we define at any time on our website, except for obvious errors. We always make sure that all the prices on the site are accurate, but errors may occur. If we find an error in the price of any product you have ordered, we will notify you as soon as possible and will allow you to re-confirm the order at the correct price or cancel it. If it is impossible to contact you, we will consider that your order has been cancelled and we will refund to you in full any amount you have paid. We do not have to supply any product at the wrong lowest price (even if we have sent you the Order Confirmation) if the price error is obvious and undeniable and can reasonably be identified by you as an incorrect price. Prices on our site include VAT, but not shipping costs, if you are charged for Shipping Expenses.

Prices may change at any time, however, subject to those specifically mentioned immediately above, any changes will not affect orders for which Order Confirmation has already been sent to you. Once you’ve selected all the products you wish to buy, they will be added to your shopping cart and the next step is to promote the order and pay. To do this, you need to follow the steps in the purchase process by completing or verifying the information you are requested at each step. Further, during the purchase process, before payment, you can change the details of your order. A detailed description of the purchase process is provided in the Shopping Guide. The file with all your orders is available in the “My Account” field.

Payment can be made by bank deposits in Piraeus Bank, with credit cards Visa, Mastercard. However, there is also an option of cash payment in our natural shop and receipt your Order from there. To minimize the possibility of unauthorized access, your card details will be encrypted in the safe environment of the bank you are going to drive. The bank reserves the

right to request pre-authorization of your card to ensure that there is sufficient credit balance to complete the transaction. When you click the “Finish order” button, you confirm that your credit card is valid and has a sufficient balance. Credit cards are subject to validation and approval checks by your card issuer. If your card issuer does not authorize payment, we are not responsible for any delay or non-delivery and we will not be able to conclude a contract with you.

  1. Return Policy

7.1 Right of Exit

If you trade as a consumer, you may withdraw from the Contract within 14 calendar days unreasonably. The withdrawal period expires after 14 calendar days have elapsed from the day on which you or a third party acting on your instructions other than the carrier acquired the physical possession or control of the products or when ordering more products after the expiration 14 calendar days from the day on which you or a third party acting on your instructions, other than the carrier, acquired the physical possession or control of the last product. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, you can inform us of the above mentioned contact information or by phone +30210 3238367, or by sending an e-mail to info@cottonpoint.eu or by writing to our contact form here for your decision to withdraw from it the Convention with your express statement (e.g. by mailing a letter). In order to withdraw in due time, it is enough to send your communication about the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiration of the withdrawal period.

7.2 Exit Results

If you withdraw from this Agreement, we will refund you without delay and in any case within 14 days of the date we were informed of the withdrawal and return of the products to our company, all payments we have received from you. The refund will be made using the same payment method you used for the original transaction. In any case, you will not incur additional costs for this refund. Without prejudice to the above, however, we may withhold the refund either until we receive all the products back or until we receive proof that you have returned the products, whichever comes first.

In this case the return and delivery of the products to us will be made after contacting us at +302103238367 or email at info@cottonpoint.eu You will then have to call your carrier to pick up the products from you and return them to our headquarters. After receiving it from us, we will return to you, as set out in the previous paragraph, and within 14 days, however, the total amount of purchases on your card (excluding shipping costs) or whatever payment you have placed and if the clothes are in good condition. You will not be charged for the return of our products to us. In this case, the products cannot be delivered to our retail outlets. You are responsible for any impairment of the value of the products as a result of such treatment which alters their nature, characteristics and functionality.

Necessary conditions for exercising this right are: Do not use the product, remove any stickers or markers (such as stickers, branding, etc.) that have clothing, footwear and accessories on them. Also, all items should be returned to their best condition without undue damage (without prejudice to the return of a defective product), complete and packed (for items received in special packaging) and should be returned even to be accompanied by all the necessary documents.

  1. Return and/or replacement policy for defective products – Goods changes

Our company takes every possible measure to ensure that all products (regardless of their species) are packaged specifically and carefully to reach you without damage. In very rare cases, however, one of these products may be damaged when shipped to you or you receive a product with a defect. For this reason, and irrespective of your above-mentioned right of withdrawal, which is not affected, we invite you to check the products upon receipt. In case you receive the product without expressing any specific reservation, you have received the product from our company unreservedly. However, if you find that there is a fault or a defect in the product, you can contact us by telephone at +30210 3238367 or e-mail info@cottonpoint.eu stating to us if you wish to be replaced with a new one or if you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal. If you wish to receive a new product to be replaced, the new product will be shipped without any additional charge.

If the product you have received is proven to be defective from its construction, then: for clothing, shoes, clothing accessories you can ask to replace them with the same or another product of your choice and/or issuing a credit invoice or interest-free refund of the money paid if the product you wish to replace is not available, provided you send the relevant electronic order within five (5) days of receipt. Changes of merchandise are made through the Return Form here which details the whole process. You will then have to call your carrier to pick up the products from you and return them to our headquarters. Upon receiving them from us, we will return you, new merchandise of your choice, of equal value to those replaced. It goes without saying that the products that are being replaced are in good condition. You will not be charged for the return of our products to us.